光催化分解水產氫 (photo-splitting of water)
  Synthesis of novel photocatalysts; characterization; produce hydrogen under visible light.
  氫儲存技術 (Hydrogen storage)
  Fabrication of metal hydrate on high surface area materials; establishment of a high pressure hydrogen adsorption system.
  甲醇及氫氣燃料電池電極觸媒材料 (Catalysts materials for DMFC and PEMFC)
  Synthesis of highly active and stable metal catalysts for applications in DMFC/PEMFC.
  奈米材料與自組合材料化學 (Self-assembly chemistry)
  Synthesis of nanomaterials for application as catalysts and adsorbents.
  再生能源技術 (Renewable Energy)
  Recycling biomass waste/ waste by chemical engineering process.
  二氧化碳捕捉技術 (Carbon dioxide capture)
  Design a amine-functional membrane for separation of carbon dioxide.